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Enhance Your Meat

This is the only dry rub you will ever need. It’s a great dry rub for ribs, chicken, brisket, wings, seafood, veggies and more. Use this dry rub on any meat that you’re grilling, smoking, or cooking in the oven. It’s quick, versatile, tastes amazing and made with simple, all-natural ingredients, and as always, unsweetened with zero sugar or alternative sweeteners.

Our rub is a wonderful way to infuse a lot of flavor into the meat. What is a dry rub? It’s very simple, a dry rub is a combination of spices and herbs. Basically, it’s dry ingredients and spice ingredients mixed together for coating and flavoring meat, whether you are new to cooking and want to keep it simple, or an experienced chef who just wants dinner to be quick and easy, while still crowd-pleasing.


Whatever you're cooking, make it easy, delicious and sugarfree
with "That's The Rub", and our unique fusion of spices and flavors

After countless hours spent bouncing between the drawing board and test kitchen, as well as lots of feedback from our brave test-eaters, we finally nailed the savory profile of flavors we were after, and then "That's The Rub" was born. Enjoy!