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Here at “That’s The Rub!” we love to eat. (Who doesn’t, right?) We also prefer to eat healthy, while still enjoying the meal. Several years ago, founder and chef Russell, was looking for a diet to reduce inflammation, and along the way tried the Ketogenic diet. Not only did it work magic for reducing inflammation, dramatic weight-loss was an unexpected bonus! Ever since, low-carb is always the goal. So many dry rubs at your local grocer are LOADED with sugar. (Go check, some version of sugar is probably in the first 3 ingredients of whichever one you find.) We refused to believe that adding sugar (or even alternative sweeteners) is necessary to make your food delicious. (Spoiler-alert: WE WERE RIGHT!) So we decided to develop our own savory blend without all the sweets. We hope you love it as much as we do, it was a long process to get it right, and delicious. While we had meat in mind, it goes great on veggies, in guacamole, or even a Bloody Mary as well!